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Attractions in Hefei

Hefei---The Hometown of Lord Bao and Northern Gateway to the Huangshan Mountain

Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province and hometown of the famous honest and upright official in Chinese history---Bao Zheng, featuring a landscape of half mountain and half lake. The city has a total area of 7,500 km2, with a population of 4,460,000, of which 1,650,000 people are permanent residents. The city proper area is 596.01 km2.

Bao Gong's Hometown
A Thousand-Year-Old Town
A City of Parks and Woods
A Famous city of Science & Education
Sanhe -an ancient town in a region of rivers & lakes
Mt. Tianzhu
Mt. jiuhua
Huangshan Mountain
Tiantangzhai Scenic Zone
Dongshisun Scenic Zone
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Guesthouses & Hotels
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