Opening Day of FPISC

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2013 Future Physicist International Summer Camp(FPISC) was officially initiated at 9:00am On July 1st. Constituted by the opening ceremony, self-introduction, lectures by distinguished professors, Du Lab tour and a Chinese class, the campers have spent a fulfilled day in USTC.


To start with, Prof. CHEN Chusheng, vice president of USTC, delivered a welcoming speech for the opening ceremony.He recalled the history of USTC including its founding and the founders. Then, a brief introduction of the School of Physical Sciences was made focusing on the critical role it plays in the whole university. Also, Prof. Chen talked about the intention of holding this camp, namely, to attract talents in physics from worldwide and offer them a chance for in-depth discussion. In the end, he congratulated them for being selected to the camp and expressed his sincere hope that they could enjoy themselves here.




Afterwards, campers presented a self-introduction one by one concerning their name, nationality, the universities they are in, majors and the relevant projects they are working on, etc. which helped to bring them closer to each other and pave the way for friendship.Subsequently, Prof. SUN Xuan gave a speech ‘Introduction to Plasma Physics’ and then moved to the presentation ‘Spin Coherence and Control in Diamond’ from Prof. DU Jiangfeng. Via vivid example and heated interaction, students obtained some basic ideas of the most advanced physics.



After the lunch, the attendees paid a visit to DU Lab, one of the most celebrated quantum computing laboratories in China, which made a profound impression on the campers and provided them the hands-on research experience.

Later that day, they were led to the Ping Pang venue and a Chinese class, which deepened their understanding of China from various angles.

Organized by University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) andthe School of Physical Sciences , the ‘Future Physicist International Summer Camp’ aims at providing an exceptional opportunity to combine high-quality learning with an unforgettable summer trip to both international and Chinese students.




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