Notice of 2015 ‘Future Physicist International Summer Camp’

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The ‘Future Physicist International Summer Camp’ (FPISC) is organized by University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). The camp will provide you with an exceptional opportunity to combine high-quality learning, hands-on research, and an unforgettable summer experience. International students can immerse themselves in a multicultural environment and gain insights into Chinese culture. USTC and other Chinese students can have a taste of cultural exchange with international students without going abroad.

Agenda: The 2015 camp spans 14 days from June 29th to July 12th. Detailed agenda for the 2015 camp will be updated later. Please check FPISC website at for last year's agenda for reference. Briefly, it consists of one week's lectures given by outstanding professors from USTC and abroad (compared to the 2014 camp, this year we plan to include 3-4 international physicists to give lectures), two days of traveling to Yellow Mountain, and one week of hands-on research in labs at USTC. Throughout the camp, a variety of Chinese culture electives will be provided. More information of the camp is provided at

Benefits: The camp is targeted for undergrads above the freshman level from prominent international and domestic universities, and will admit about 40 students. Once admitted, students’ expense, including round-trip flight tickets (economy class), and boarding cost during the camp, will be covered by USTC.

Admission: Full-time sophomores, juniors, or seniors are welcome to apply for the camp. Applicants should fill out online application and upload an official transcript at, and arrange for one professor to send letter of recommendation to on their behalf. Applications must be received by March 8th, 2015. The organizing committee will make decisions and notify the applicants at the end of March 2015.

Contact: (Phone) 86-551-63606727; (Email)

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