Various Activities During 2014 FPISC

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Besides physics lectures and lab tours, summer campers of 2014 FPISC have all kinds of activities nearly every day.

Many of campers enjoyed Chinese Classes very much. From “你好”, the began to know how to give a self-introduction and how to start a brief conversation, like ordering a food or drink. They also had a taste of Chinese culture, including Hui style architecture, Huangmei opera, Chinese paper cut and shadow play. In the last Chinese class, they were taught to make a Chinese jot themselves.

Tea Tao class also gave them a close view of Chinese daily life. With faint scent of tea, foreign students began to share a value with old Chinese to live a relaxed life.

Another interesting experience of summer campers is Pottery Art. After seeing previous works made by USTC students, they used their imagination to make one themselves. Some made a statue of a monk, some made a camel, some made a pot. They all enjoyed this unique class.

At the end of first week, campers had the opportunity of seeing Chinese calligraphy as well as of writing with brush pen. Many of them learnt how to write their Chinese name, and it has been a very pleasant experience.

Also, summer campers held themselves various sport games, one remarkable is that they had their first international soccer game on Wednesday 9th of July. Nearly all campers played the game. Although none of them are professional soccer player, many of them are pretty good at this sport. The game was drastic and fun to watch, and the final score was 4:2. After the match many campers suggested to do that again in future.

On Sunday 10th of July, FPISC members paid a visit to Sanhe ancient Chinese town to see real Hui style architectures. On the next day, they were showed to Confucius Temple in Nanjing city.

Via various experiences and group games, campers enjoyed deeply the Culture Exchange part of this summer camp.




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