Closing Ceremony of 2014 FPISC

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The closing ceremony of 2014 FPISC (Future Physicist International Summer Camp) took place at 9:00am on Monday July 13th, with the attendance of Prof. CHEN Chusheng, the vice president of USTC, as well as of Prof. WANG Guanzhong, the teaching principal of School of Physical Sciences.

To start with, Prof. Chen addressed the ceremony. As one of initializers of the summer camp, he pointed out one motivation of this activity is to welcome to USTC physics students and professors from all over the world, given the situation that a large amount of USTC undergraduates are going abroad for further education. Then, he congratulated all campers for enjoying themselves during this two weeks as shown in school news and he sincerely hoped that the friendship between campers last for life and that the activity have an impact on campers’ future life. After that, he gave his thanks to all campers as participants and his special thanks to Prof. YUAN Junhua for organization.

After Prof. CHEN’s speech, four campers, YU Zhaoning, TAN Haosen, LI Tianshu and WANG Jiahui was awarded to be outstanding group leaders and volunteers.

The last part of this ceremony are presentations from all research group formed by summer campers. They gladly showed their study and work in the past week in a certain lab, contents including high energy physics, quantum information, soft material, and many other subfields of physics. Some of them focused on theoretical background, and some of them spent more time on experimental details.

During presentations, China daily and a local media had an interview of representatives of summer campers.

Although 2014 FPISC officially closed, the friendship between campers never ends. After the ceremony, all international students traded Chinese students with dumplings to say thanks for their hospitality during the camp. Campers also want to thank USTC for holding this activity, offering them with an unforgettable summer trip and high leveled study opportunity.

 (YUZhaoning,photo by CEN Dan,School of Physical Sciences)



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