Opening day of FPISC 2015

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2015 Future Physicist International Summer Camp (FPISC) started officially at 8:30 on June 29th. The campers came from USA, Europe, Australia and so on. After breakfast,the campers went to the meeting room in Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at The Microscale together to attend the opening ceremony.

Prof. CHEN Chusheng, vice president of USTC, delivered a speech for the opening ceremony. He recalled the history of USTC and emphasized the importance of the young generations which would have great influence on the future of human beings. Also, he pointed that physics, chemistry and biology are the impetus of today’s engineering and technology.He was proud that there are many students from USTC continuing their studies in world-famous universities ,which enabled graduates from USTC to work on science with elite students all over the world. At last, he expressed sincere greetings to all the campers.

Afterwards, campers introduced themselves about the universities they are from, and the relevant projects they are working on, etc, which made it easier for the campers to know each other and build their friendships.

Then, Prof. Du Jiangfeng gave a lecture on “Spin-based Quantum Computation”. Students learned a lot about the frontier science and technology. Prof. Yuan Junhua gave a lecture on ”Bacterial motile behavior: from single motor to signaling network”. He used many animations that vividly showed the bacterial motions.

In the afternoon, the campers paid a visit to Du Lab, one of the most celebrated quantum computing laboratories in China, which impressed the campers and provided them with the hands-on research experiences.

Later in the afternoon, all the campers enjoyed a Chinese language class. The class was filled by laughter and applause.After the class,they could use Chinese to give a simple self-introduction for themselves.

Organized by University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and the School of Physical Sciences , Future Physicist International Summer Camp aims at promoting international science communication and leaving both students in USTC and foreign campers enjoyable memories.