Various activities during FPISC 2015

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Up to now, the members of 2015 FPISC have enjoyed lots of colorful activities for one week.

On the first day, campers were given a course of Chinese musical instruments. To begin with, the senior student introduced the construction and usage of some typical Chinese musical instruments, such as Suona, Zheng and Lute. Then some students gave a show on the stage. And after that, some campers were taught how to play Zheng. Finally, they could play graceful melodies by themselves.

Campers also took part in the activities of Chinese Kungfu. They were shown the connotation and idea of Kungfu, which advocates overcome the hard by soft. Campers were taught the posture and some moves and looked like a real Chinese swordsman.

Besides these courses, the campers played table tennis in the gym. Although this is the strength of China, the foreigner students played it very well. Most campers were absorbed in this gentle but competitive sport, and all of us had a great time in the gym.

On Sunday 4th of July, many members went to Mountain Yellow for a visit, which enhanced our understanding of Chinese landscape, and improved the friendship among us.

During the 2015 FPISC, the members not only improved the knowledge of physics and had a wider view of the culture of China, but also heighten the friendship and emotion with each other, which benefited us extremely.



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