Closing Ceremony of FPISC 2015

Author:CHEN Xuan     Time:2015-07-13 06:33:01     click: 2449 times


The closing ceremony of 2015 FPISC(Future Physicist International Summer Camp)took place at 8:30am on Saturday July 11th, hosted by Prof. YUAN Junhua, the chief for this camp. After one-week study in labs under the help from USTC professors and students, attendees shared their presentation in groups due to their discoveries and thoughts.

First of all, the vice director of teaching affairs office, YANG Fan, expressed his gratitude for all the campers from USTC, issuing certificates to outstanding group leaders and volunteers.


Later on, there were several presentations made by all research groups formed by summer campers. After one-week research in lab, all the campers had their own understanding and ideas about their issues. In spite of their diverse research fields, including high-energy physics, quantum information, atomic and molecular physics, biophysics, condensed matter physics, plasma physics and astrophysics, their effort and pursuit for science had been completely delivered to others.

Finally, the USTC camper representative displayed many wonderful and valuable photos taken during the last two weeks. In the photos, foreign campers were taking lessons in Chinese culture, working seriously in the laboratories, eating food and playing with Chinese campers happily.


It seemed that two weeks were too short for campers to study and make good friends with each other. However, friendship never ends. After the ceremony, many USTC campers sent presents to foreign friends. Some groups ate out to congratulate for their excellent performance and friendship. Best wishes for them. Provided with an opportunity to high-quality learning, all the campers will never forget this unforgettable summer trip.



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