Opening Day of FPISC 2016

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Launched on July 4, 2016, the Future Physicist International Summer Camp (FPISC) held the opening ceremony on 5th floor of the student activity center, together with the Future Chemist International Summer Camp and the Future biologist International Summer Camp.

Vice president CHEN Chusheng gave the welcome speech. He emphasized the importance of having future fundamental scientists make friend with each other. "Today, all participants of this international summer camp, share the interest in the fundamental science, which help improve our understanding of the universe, our world and even our human beings.” he said, “The fundamental science has much more implication than we expect. And we believe it’s important to have future scientists make friend with each other when they are young."

After the Grant of sub-camp flags by Vice President Chen, the introduction to the school of physical sciences was given by Dean Wang Guanzhong, who emphasized the achievements made in USTC that pushed boundaries of physics further than they have ever been pushed.


Joined by students from USTC, PKU and NJU, members from Oxford, Cambridge, Caltech, UWA, University of Heidelberg, University of Twente, University of Vienna and so on then went to the meeting room in National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale to hear the lecture given by professor LU Zhengtian whose dedication on Kr dating has now helped us understand the ocean current better than ever before. 

All the members gave a brief self-introduction afterwards, USTC students expressed their welcome toward members from all over the world, and international students appreciated the hospitality given by the organizer and Chinese students.


After a short break, prof. CAI Yifu gave the lecture on cosmology, featuring the introduction of inflation cosmology, bouncing cosmology, and their advantages vs defects. All the students were welcomed to Prof. CAI’s lab where they had a deep discussion with researchers in Prof. CAI’s group member, and experienced the operation of the observatory. 

Featuring basic communication phraseology, the Chinese class in the afternoon showed members from all over the world the beauty of Chinese language and characteristics, for which they all gave the thumbs up. 

There is still two weeks to go in the summer camp, where members will see the light of science and experience the thrill of cultural collision, through this indelible life-changing experience, long lasting friendship will be made, and as vice president CHEN Chusheng said, by organizing this summer camp, we do believe, that short as the two week seems, it may have unexpected impact on members' future career, and indeed, the future of science.



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