FPISC 2016 Closing Ceremony

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July 16th, FPISC 2016(Future Physicist International Summer Camp) finally come to an end. Summer camp participants from all over the world came to the lecture hall in National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale to present their one-week research in the lab.

Prof. WANG Guanzhong, Prof. Du Jiangfeng, Prof. Peng Haiping and Prof. Zhang Rongjing attended the event.

At 8:30 am Prof. WANG Guanzhong, the dean of School of Physical Sciences, addressed the ceremony. “I thank all the professors involved in this summer camp, your presence have shown our high academic level. To all the member in this summer camp, I thank you, your participation made this summer camp meaningful. I hope your experience here will become a peace of memory that you will always cherish.” He said. Congratulated all members for enjoying themselves during the summer camp, and hoped that the friendship last forever, Prof. Wang titled 13 members“outstanding camper and volunteer”. Su Guoxian, Chen Yuquan, Sun Yijie, Zhu Yilin, Zhang Han, Liu Mingzhe, Xie Jiacheng, Jiang Bowen, Wang Yuxing, Zhu Jiarong, Yan Dong, Guo Buming, Hu Shuhe were given the award.

Prof. Du Jiangfeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, the executive dean of the school of physical science of USTC presented the awards.

Members of the summer camp then presented their one week of hard work in the lab, topics varying from cosmology to condensed matter, from quantum information to biophysics, and to plasma physics. Their works have shown the beauty of physics, and maintained high academic level.

As Prof. Wang announced at the end, FPISC 2016 was officially closed. But after two weeks of venture into the physics world, bonds built between the members will go over the mountain and cross the ocean. We come from every corner of the world, and heading toward different destination, but at this moment, at this time, life brought us together and our fate are somehow entangled forever. After all the joys and sorrows we’ve been through, long live the friend ship!


(SU Guoxian,School of Physical Sciences)



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