Opening Day of FPISC 2017

Author:LIANG Shixiao     Time:2017-07-05 21:13:16     click: 1617 times


On July 4th, 2017, the opening ceremony of Future Physicist International Summer Camp (FPISC) took place on 5th floor, Activity Center on East Campus, together with the Future Chemist International Summer Camp. Professor Zhonghuai Hou hosted the ceremony and greeted International students quoting the famous Chinese idiom 'How happy we are to have friends from the far'.
Then Chusheng Chen, Vice President of USTC, made a speech for the opening ceremony. He illustrated how progress in fundamental science would make our life better and emphasized the importance of providing a chance for future scientists to cooperate with each other. "The friendship that established while you are young certainly will have unexpected, even unintended impact on your future career and life."


Qi Sun delivered a speech as the representative of FPSIC members from USTC. He presented the overview of Hefei City, USTC as well as School of Physical Sciences, expressing his expectation that all FPSIC members would enjoy the summer camp and establish friendships with each other.



Julia Wei from Yale University gave a speech representing International students attending FPSIC. She illustrated the schedule of FPISC and appreciated the chance to communicate directly with outstanding USTC scientists with great passion.

The opening ceremony ended after Vice President Chusheng Chen handed sub-camp flags to student representatives. All the members gave a brief self-introduction about the universities they from, their realm of interest in physics as well as hobbies. International students from Caltech, Oxford, Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg, University of Twente and many other top universities recieved a warm welcome from USTC students.


Afterwards, Professor Junhua Yuan gave a lecture on "Bacterial motile behavior: from single motor to signaling network". With vivid animations and various of diagrams, he demonstrated the bacterial motions intuitively and explained some recent works of his lab.In the afternoon, FPISC members paid a visit to Yuan's lab. Graduate students in the lab explained the experiment they are carrying on and elaborated on how the equipments work.

After visiting Yuan's Lab, FPISC members attended a lecture on Chinese language and culture featuring basic phraseology. With great enthusiasm, international students learned how to greet others and briefly introduce themselves in Chinese.


In the following two weeks, participants of FPISC will have further communications with each other and do deeper research together. Organized by University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and the School of Physical Sciences , Future Physicist International Summer Camp aims at promoting international science communication and leaving all the campers indelible memories.


(LIANG Shixiao,School of Physics Science)