Courses Arrangement in 2015 summer

Course Name


Communicative Spoken Chinese

1.Selection of practical and up-to-date topics, language features and elements in students’ life, learning and communication in China.

2.Task-based teaching and authentic task designing by means of video, pictures, and objects, etc. to create the sense of authentic communication.

3. Combination of class teaching with real-life practice for students’ application of what they are input to their later communication.

Audio-visual Chinese

Audio-visual situational dialogues of subjects on various communicative functions with Chinese Language Video for the Classroom as the main textbook.
Task-based audio-visual Chinese listening training.

*Chinese Culture

Introduction to Chinese culture concludes lectures of Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Food, Chinese Tea, Chinese Ceramics and Porcelains, Chinese Folk Songs, Chinese Opera and Chinese Traditional Holidays etc. Specific lectures list changes and will be set in June every year.

Chinese Traditional Sports

Pingpong,Tai Ji